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Graham MacDonald 


10 am Departure

Meet at the Gazebo

Reservations accepted

Your Guide: Graham MacDonald

The Real Deal

Graham MacDonald is a Banff legend: engaging raconteur, Banff resident since 1962, historian and poet, author of "Trail Blazers of the Canadian Rockies". A storyteller "extraordinaire", he will entertain, excite, and educate you about Banff's riveting past. 

History is a Walk in the Park

Walking at a comfortable pace, I'll introduce you to you to the sights, sounds and voices of Banff's colourful past. This is an easy and entertaining two and a half hour stroll, and we'll end up back in Central Park. 

Meet Me Downtown at the Gazebo

Banff's Central Park Gazebo

Thursday - Sunday 

10 am - 12:30 pm

$40.00 CND per person, GST included, Family Rates Available

Call Graham to book your spot: 403 497 5599

Email: walkingtoursbanff@gmail.com

We Trail Blaze Together

"We were not pioneers ourselves. 

But we journeyed over old trails...

that were new to us

and with hearts open. 

Who shall distinguish?"

- J. Monroe Thorington

Historical Walking Tour Banff with Graham MacDonald


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Maximize your visit to Banff with a guided walking tour. Guide Graham MacDonald, author of Trailblazers of the Canadian Rockies, is Banff's favourite poet and storyteller. 

Graham the Banff Local

Graham The Poet

Graham at the kitchen table,  reciting his classic poem, "City Man"